Car/Truck MVA – St Rt 104

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~3pm, while waiting for a tow truck at the Rathburn Rd MVA we were dispatched for a Car/Truck MVA on St Rt 104 East of West Lake Rd. Further reports indicated a rack knifed tractor trailer involved. Original reports indicated no injuries. After further examination, the ambulance was called back to the scene for the driver of the truck. After MANY hours of keeping St Rt 104 closed while they cleared the accident, all units were back in service around 6pm. Want to guess how many people are traveling on Rt 104 at the end of a holiday weekend ?? Guess how many have no idea where to go when the main road is closed ?


2 Car MVA

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~2pm – 2 car MVA – Rathburn Rd, North of Ct Rt 20 near the railroad bridge. 1 car into the creek. No injuries. 1 driver arrested for unknown charges.


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7pm – Ct Rt 20/Cemetery Rd – Car over the guardrail. Unknown injuries.

EMS Call

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6pm – Hall Rd – 3rd party call reporting a female on the phone and stopped talking. Units responded and verified a diabetic issue. Situation resolved. No transport.


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~1:30pm – Reported 2 car MVA, St Rt 104 and Thompson Rd. Oswego ambulance first on the scene confirmed 2 cars off the road, no injuries. 3401 arrived on the scene confirmed that there were no injuries, no vehicle or traffic hazards and placed all units back in service.

EMS Call

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~12:30pm – 74xx St Rt 104, Male, illness. Transported by Oswego ambulance to Oswego hospital

CO Detector activation

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10 Baylis St – faulty detector

EMS Call

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~10pm – Female fell, unconscious, Alliance Church community center, Thompson Rd. 3462 and Oswego ambulance responded, packaged patient on a backboard and transported to Oswego ER ALS.

Patient Assist

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11/22 – 12:05am – Franklin Ave – 70’s male, patient assist back into bed. No injury, no ambulance necessary.

EMS House Call

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Thursday, 11/20, approx. 10pm. 28x Ct Rt 20, elderly female disoriented, fell. Cancelled by family soon after acknowledging.

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